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Therapy Massage Gun™

Therapy Massage Gun™

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 Say Good-bye to muscle ache and give your body and muscles the relief they deserve after a workout!

The ultimate recovery tool to use anywhere and everywhere at all times. Relax and vanish tense and achy muscles that result from daily activities. Say bye to muscle soreness and stiffness with our deep tissue Therapy Massage Gun.


• Eases fascia in the muscles by deep massaging the muscle- helping you avoid muscle ache.
• Our massage gun relieves pain, soreness and stiffness of the muscle in your entire body with different intensive massages.
• Removable and adjustable different type of head that target different type of muscle with different objectives.
• Adjustable speeds and modes with trigger-point massage therapy for myofascial release, and sore muscle relief.
• The Therapy Massage Gun™ is ultra-light weight so that you can carry it with you anywhere. Perfect for on-the-go to use before and after a workout.
• Use it before working out to activate muscles along a dynamic warm up for better performance during your workout.
• Use our recovery massage gun after an exercise to help your body cool down and help you avoid soreness for the days to come.

What is included?

Your Therapy Massage Gun comes with:

- One carrying case for your convenience.

- A Therapy Massage Gun

- 6 Interchangeable heads

- 1 Charging cable

- 1 User's Manual


Vibration Frequency:

- Level 1 - 30HZ

- Level 2- 40Hz

- Level 3- 53Hz


2.5 Lbs/1.1 Kg


110-240V 50/60Hz- .5A- 26 VDC-1A


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Target different muscles for better recovery.

Our Therapy Massage Gun has 6 specialized removable heads that target all different muscles in the body. Each Head has different functions to help you recover much faster.

Easy Functions with Interchangeable Heads

Our upgraded Therapy Massage Gun has interchangeable heads that can be swapped at any time in order to meet your needs.

It comes with very easy to use functions so that anyone can use it... and we mean anyone.

Target Specific & Deep Points in All Muscles.

Our Therapy Massage Gun comes equipped with high power technology to specifically target and adress all those painful, stiff and hard to get areas in your muscles.

It provides full relief and recovery after your workout or simply after a long day at work.