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Smart Cupping Therapy Device™

Smart Cupping Therapy Device™

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Feeling sore and muscle fatigued after a workout or a long day?

The Smart Cupping Therapy Device™ is the solution to help your body feel revitalized and alleviate painful knots and strains on your muscles. It helps to promote blood circulation, stimulate acupoints, relieve fatigue and pain to make you feel like new again.   


- Reduces pain and muscle fatigue.
- Promotes blood circulation through your body and stimulates acupoints to help rid off work, gym and chronic muscle pains.
- Increases range of motion and speeds up recovery: move freely and pain free after using our Smart Cupping Therapy Device™.
- Helps recovering faster so that you can get back to moving and working out, better and stronger.
- Easy to use, safe and portable: Just charge device and use on your affected body part. Take it everywhere for treatments whenever needed. The automatic shutdown timer will turn off the device at twenty minutes for your safety.


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Say bye to pain, Say hello to healing.

Our Smart Cupping Therapy Device™ Improves blood flow of the muscles with our latest suction-release technology which will improve recovery after a workout.

Your personal therapist at home.

Our Smart Cupping Therapy Device™ is very easy and fast to use. It is also portable so you can use it at the comfort of your own home or on the go.

Different levels of suction.

Adjust the strength of the suction of your cupping device depending on how sore and stiff the muscles are. Start feeling tension relief after use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Margarette Robel

So I got the cupping device a few days ago and I tried it on my back and it worked very well. It has a strong suction but you can set it up to a way that it sucks and it releases consecutively. So it's really good for helping with my back pain. So far I am loving it :)

Sonia N

I bought this cupping device to use on my back to help me with my back pain as I work an office job and it has been amazing. It has been so great that I got my husband hooked on it too!
Tip: you can buy more than one and target certain sore spots at the same time!

Bernice D

Very very very powerful!
It has a good suction, I find that I get a way better session with this little gadget than going to a therapist. Ive felt a tremendous difference with tensions and knots.

Hanna Keeling

You know what they say little but mighty. This cupping device actually helps me relieve my back pain and knots on my muscles. I didn't know it would because I have tried many things, but this one actually worked.
Another great thing is that the battery life is amazing!! so you can really go days of use without having to worry about charging it!! love this!!

Jannie P

It's a great device actually, so far it has done what it says it does so I am good with it.